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Julian Johnson

Hutson Talent Agency

Sylvia Hutson




Traffick Stop (Pilot)                               Series Regular                       Dir. Cetre Pegues

Happily Never After Ep. 304               Guest-Star                             Investigation Discovery

Death By Gossip                                   Guest-Star                             Investigation Discovery

Monster & Mysteries in America       Guest-Star                             M2 Pictures                 

Ice Cold Killers Ep. 304                        Co-Star                                   M2 Pictures

Happily Never After Ep. 302               Co-Star                                   Investigation Discovery

Precinct 757                                          Recurring                               FulCamp Productions



Sucker For Love                                   Lead                                          Wise Productions, LLC

Watching Eyes, Listening Ears           Lead                                          W.E.L.E Productions

Happy Anniversary                              Lead                                          Status Pictures, LLC

Fame Robur                                          Lead                                          Arro Studios

Shell Shocked                                       Lead                                          dir. O’Malley Lin


Commercial Conflicts Available Upon Request



Much Ado About Nothing                    Verges                                     Open Air Shakespeare

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs    Dwarf #1                                 Virginia Opera



William Esper Studio, NYC – Acting Technique, On Camera, Voice & Speech, Movement

Actors Theater of Blacksburg, VA – On Camera, Improv Training

The Actor’s Place, VA – Meisner Based Scene Study 

Marlon Hargrave, VA - Audition Technique, Scene Study, Monologues, Improv Training

Mainstream Music, VA – Voice lessons  


Special Skills

Martial Artist: Black Belt Tae-Kwon Do, Experienced with Stunt Fighting & Fight Choreography

Basic Weapons Training: Boe, Sword, Nunchucks, Sai Truncheon, Eskrimas.

Tactical Weapons Training For The Camera: Hand Guns & Assault Rifles

Sports: Retired Semi-Professional Soccer Player, Track, Tennis, Swimming, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Yoga, Boxing, Weight Training.

Fitness & Print Model. Improv Experience.

Freakishly flexible and double jointed in the shoulders.


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